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Discussion in 'Minecraft Help' started by musicislove, Dec 22, 2017.

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    So here's what's been happening?
    1. I just got two notifications that two hunter quests were completed for killing a witch and either a creeper. Now, for some reason I'm unable to access any of the areas of the quests and I'm not on a cool down for any of them. Mostly instead of bringing me to the quest sections I'm trying to go to it picks up the icon/tool or just nothing happens. Even after I repeatedly click on it. Still get the same thing.
    2. When I finally got to some of the quests, which I just completed the Witch and Creeper quest a little while ago, but when I got to the quest right after getting the notice, it says its 100%, but not showing up to get an award. It's shows the squares are gray instead of the purple to get an award. Same with the Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Creeper, Sand, Dirt, and Cobblestone quests that are 100% complete, but again unable to get an award and there's no cool down for any of them.
    Can someone please help me with these 2 quest glitches? Thx much appreciated!
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    I looked at your quest file, you have 0 completed quests. The quest "Inferno" has you kill 12 blazes, 4 endermen, and 2 wither skeletons. You haven't killed 4 endermen, the quest is not complete. The quest "Yardwork" has you submit 64 dirt, 16 gravel, and 16 sand. You haven't submitted any gravel.

    You need to finish all missions to complete a quest.