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    I've been thinking about making a comeback to minecraft for a while now and some of you may have seen me on survival. for all those who missed me i missed you too for all those who didn't i didn't i missed you as well (i'm looking at you navarog). Anyways back to the point i noticed that creative kinda died which is sad because it once had such a great community and that al seems to be gone now. But not all is lost because i'm certain that we can turn this around again and make ShadeCrest creative flourish once more!

    first of all i was thinking of making a new building event (monthly or weekly)

    second we'll need to get the name out there again (server vids maybe? or putting build planet minecraft?)

    third we'll need support from all of you

    fourth the old guest spawn might be a bit intimidating for new builders it might scare them so i advice a new guest spawn

    fifth ???????

    sixth PROFIT

    *also fixing of Dynmap
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    I'm all for it. I haven't played Minecraft properly in a long while, this might give some incentive for me to do so.
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    first of all, welcome back. nice to see an old face around. Now, this "creative revival" that has been attempted multiple times over the past year seems like a mythical beast at this point. Our main issue is our staff's motivation (myself most certainly included.). while I may not speak for all of the creative staff, many of us are rather bored of minecraft. The last time all of us staff were active was when there was a rumor that survival needed guild halls for mcmmo. We finally had something to do, but we quickly found out that the guild halls were just a thought. Staff needs somebody who is passionate enough about the game even without something to do, an individual who will stick around and make sure things get done.

    We came very close to starting this revival last time, we made a plan and everything, however everyone who had the ability to do what needed be done never got around to it. I think what i'm saying is we need the right person to start this project.
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    Hey creeper its nice to see you back around. I do appreciate your suggestions and love the fact that you want to revive the server. You do have some good points that could really help. I do really want to have a thriving ShadeCrest Creative again, but its going to be a lot of work. Bob said it perfectly though, we need someone to motivate us. We have all the pieces we just need to put them together. I know it seems like a lame excuse for not getting anything done, but it's true. Most of us admins have been admins for almost a year or more, and during that time you get bored of MineCraft. We basically just need someone or something to get us motivated to revive the server.
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    I'm able to help for the next few days, but will be in England soon, with no good PC.
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    i didn't get bored i quit because i got demoted i ( i was a bit mad )
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    While that's unfortunate let us get back to the task at hand. We need an effective leader who has the skill set to help us do needs to be done. it is no secret that creative lacks in plugin development/server management, as this has been said before in the previous revival thread (stephen linked it). This is a critical weakness in our team. Is new creative staff necessary? It's my personal opinion we do need some more driven staff members on the creative team.
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    The only thing that would personally motivate me to join the server more often is more players.
  13. Navarog

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    ayyyyy modding the server doesn't seem hard and I fixed many of the issues after we moved to zPermissions. :I I've told people that I'll add all the mods once all the other admins work together and make a spawn. I don't really want to put assloads of work and hours into adding 10+ big mods and implementing a points system if we don't even have a server spawn or a place with example builds in order to have a more structured promotion system.

    We can't update the PMC page with "moved from bPermissions to zPermissions!" either, we need something substantial like "we have a new spawn and points system!" to promote the server. If you guys really want more motivation or think you'll finish the spawn once I add all the plugins everyone wanted in the big revival thread then I can work on it sometime this week or next, but I highly doubt adding plugins and the points system will suddenly make everyone want to finis the spawn.
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    anyways we'll need to get the server out there again and i think the best way to do that would be by making a server trailer again because the last one was 2 years ago
  15. TheOnlyGurra

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    kind of an old thread but yea, sure would be fun to see the creative server up an running again. I dont think massive projects and flashy server trailers is the way to go. Ive seen loads of small "simple" server attract alot more players than server who the staff spent months building.

    As we allready have a system set up that we know works (im asuming that it still works:p) I believe that the main problem is just the lack of motivated and dedicated staff. Nobody joins an empty server, you need players to get more players.

    Not sure if anyone is still interested in trying this revival thing once again but if so, let me know and I will try to help in any way i can
  16. bobby Hi. :) I'm thinking of hanging out a bit. I can't seem to use the word edit wand. Have I forgotten everything? lol Anyway, I'll just plug away in creative or work on voxel. Anyway, nice to see you guys haven't quite given up on Creative.
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    i might be back I guess. just hit my 3 year mark, so I've returned for a small bit.
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    Unrelated bumping of an almost month old thread. But that's nothing compared to
    Good lord, 3.75 months late to a thread, replying to a post from 9 months ago, and only tangentially on topic.
    1: How did I miss this? 2: Don't do this.

    Creative needs something done, and this thread could potentially help if it was used for more than an activity log -_-
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    Well, I did give my two cents at some point, but if this thread's (kinda) being revived...

    Tbh one of the things that I think could happen is that builders get an ego. People showing off their builds generates competition, competition leads to more varied builds being built, more builds means more playtime. The aim is not to have necessarily "good" builds, but for it to be enough that newer people can compete or strive towards. At the risk of sounding vain myself, were it someone like me to participate, then my skills would be too far ahead of others and be more likely to discourage them. It's not something the server can directly influence, and it doesn't take into account that for some people creative just doesn't do it for them anymore, but it would help.

    Of course, if you want to get into the demographic details of what I think needs to be done. I believe that the core group of players on the server should be B2 (or whatever it's called now). This is the group that starts to explore in their builds and styles, and I remember that the most fun I had on creative was exploring what others had built for fun (Femland was one of them if I recall).

    There is also the idea of community builds (Pls don't volunteer me to run them, that hasn't worked out in the past). Or something that people can contribute to without needed to be directed in. Example being making a house on a plot as a part of a larger town, such as was the Christmas/New Years build a few years back. A patch in the community that they can call their own, and isn't inherently separate like a plot.

    A group of people building together for fun, not for promotion, that I daresay is the obvious aim of the server. As for attracting people onto it, I don't have a proposal for that, short of people making the conscious effort to play on there to boost numbers and assist in fostering the community until it can support itself again.

    Edit: I know that there are the other threads for this, just that I got the notification for this one and decided to respond. Becoming more involved in the community again and whatnot.
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    What about Mage's 21 month late reply?
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