Noob MineCraft Diamond Finding

Discussion in 'Minecraft Help' started by joker1266, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. joker1266

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    I made this video for everyone who can try this and possibly higher their chances of finding diamond on certain levels. Good Luck let me know how it turns out!
  2. CyberVic

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    Do this 100 times and keep track of how many times you do it and have failures between successes.

    I doubt you can replicate it more than 10 times before you give up.
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    ^ also, Potato quality.
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  4. joker1266

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    I have noticed that I do it and some are father out then others. I was also thinking every creator has the real answer and power. But can be decoded or solves by somebody else by testing and trying it. There has to be for an example: I find Diamond and 1st time Its 25 diagonal blocks out, and 2nd time could be 10-150 blocks out diagonal. I am finding more diamond this way then just going straight. As you hear me say it could be one block up or one block below aswell. If you mine diagonal 250 blocks and use tnt it can give you a bigger outlook on what I am trying to say perhaps?
  5. BurningIce2

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    One thing I know is, diamonds are most common on layers 10-12, so, I'd recommend mining on that level (xisuma made a video about this)

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    Well, it's a strategy for mining anyway, but yeah, it's more of a wives-tale than actual fact. It would be an incredibly amazing coincidence in the coding if this was true.
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    Close. Not coincidence, it would have to be intentional. Otherwise this.
  8. ezeiger92

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    The terrain is all procedurally generated from a seed. Unless the code was specifically made to yield more diamonds by going diagonally, you will not find more diamonds with this method. Also, this is Java we are talking about, you can decompile the jar and read the source. More importantly, a Minecraft wiki contributor can view the source, so if this was the case, it would have been posted ages ago. This is nothing more than superstition.
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    At least get bandicam
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