Creative Weekly Contests Week III

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    The third Creative events will be held today, Sunday the 7th (Sorry for the short notice). As long as enough players are online contests will be held. There will be group vs. group and player vs. player contests. The rules for now are as follows:
    • Follow all of the servers other rules
    • You will be put up against someone at the most two ranks from you
    • Build with the theme
    • Do not copy other's builds or recreate past builds block for block
    • Don't grief the other team's build (duh)
    • Don't help out with the build if you are not on the team or not the individual participating
    • Be sportsmanly
    The Theme for this week's event is: Steampunk

    The week long and month long contests will begin today also.
    In addition the winner of this month's contest will receive a game on steam. Currently I'm not sure what game the winner will get, but I will decide sometime in the week.

    There will be team builds and player vs. player builds. The team builds will be a minimum of an hour and the player vs. player builds will be a maximum of an hour.

    The warp to the contests are /warp contests. More information can be found there.

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