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    The Official Shadecrest Shops are Looking For Owners!
    Note, all prices are subject to change over time [​IMG]
    In the shadow of some of Shadecrest's biggest shops, it can be hard to get noticed. If this applies to you, then you're in luck.

    The Shops:
    The A grade shops:
    These shops live on the top floor of the market, placed conveniently around the oreshop and auctions. These chests are in hot demand, so get them quick! Each player can currently own only one chest, this may change in the future.Each building comes with a set number of chests for you to mess around with!
    Rent per chest: 500r for a month

    The B grade shops:
    These shops have a tidy little place in the basement of the market. The entrance is the first thing that a newbie sees after completing the quiz, so these chests will get lots of love! Each chest is rented individually, however you can also rent 3 yourself.
    Rent per chest: 200r for a month

    The Land:
    Platinum Lots: The first thing that will be seen from /spawn, these pieces of land are high in demand and will receive lots of attention. As long as a large, good looking is made, you will be sure to be a winner!
    Rent per lot: 8000r per month

    Gold Lots: On the rung below platinum, these plots are designed to have a fair balance between price and location. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, while still being a good deal, this is a good one to go for.
    Rent per lot: 5000r per month

    Silver Lots: Located around the boat entrance to the events, these plots allow you to quickly build up a fortune while still getting a good price.
    Rent per lot: 3000r per month

    If you are at all interested in one of these deals, just leave a reply down below using the following format:

    Note: All deals are currently first come, first serve
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    I want a chest to sell my cookies, but i don't know how to set them up. Also, i cant afford the 500/month, so, can someone tell me how it works? i tried googling it, no luck
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    What is your IGN? PieSquared761
    Which deal/s are you interested in? Platinum Lot 5
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    According to the new voting rewards thingo, you get 1500r for at least 50 votes. So you have 3 months rent from a weekish of votes.

    Edit: So 1 votepoint = 100r. So you could actually pay off the month's rent with a days votes. That's actually really cheap for the one chest.

    As for the using of a chest shop, it's basically like writing a command onto a sign. I think it was basically just copy what you see on other peoples signs (Substituting your own values), and you'll be set.
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    I'm still not NMBr2d2.
    I still want all the chests in the purple shop at auctions.

    I'm also not going to be here in the next few days, but I have sufficient rent for the 8 chests that I want.
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    oiShocKWavesv That was the first thing he said that in the original thread.
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    I still don't get it. Why was he never NMBr2d2... he is NMBr2d2...
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    Though i won't participate...this is a Good idea if i do say so my self! :)
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    A quick update on this thread, we will be announcing some changes to this soon. We're working on a custom plugin to manage all of this because while all of this is wonderful, once we got to implementation we realized it would be a nightmare from a maintenance perspective without a custom plugin. I will also be building we website with a mall / spawn plot layout showing all the plots / shops and who owns them and how paid up on rent they are. Again, all the details will be outlined soon, still working through the requirements with Erik.
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    I decided I'm gonna rent Silver Lot #3.

    BTW, the plugin is going quite well. We have the database designed, got some test data in there and testing all the commands. A lot of it is virtual and not doing anything yet, but progressing on it's functionality quickly.

    You can type "/rent help" to get a preview of it.
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    Glad to see people are excited for shops
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    I want gold lot 5
  14. TheTechGeek245

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    What is your IGN: TheTechGeek245
    Which deal/s are you interested in: Gold 5
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    Progress on the rent plugin will be announced today.
    Ideally I'd like to have people purchase their lots through the plugin, but if you're REALLY chomping at the bit, we can get your lot setup manually and it can work going forward via the plugin. For now we'll just make note of your intention to get gold 5.
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    What is your IGN: Gordon5reeman
    Which deal/s are you interested in: Gold 1

    No need to manually set up, just want people to know my intent of bying this lot
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    Quite a lot of updates

    Big super props to ezeiger92, not only on his work so far on this plugin, but for getting me up to speed with coding CommandHelper which is what we are using to be able to write plugins like this. We're tag teaming at this point on the features and should be able to wrap up the important stuff in the week. Going forward I think we will be writing more and more plugins like this one.

    /rent list: Tells you what property you have rented
    /rent info [rental]: Tells you your rental's status
    /rent pay [rental[*N]] .. [] : Lots of various ways to manually pay your rental(s) at the monthly rate per rental
    /rent auto [rental] .. []: Enable autopay on one or many rentals
    /rent manual [rental] .. []: Disable autopay on one or many rentals
    /rent help [topic]: Displays additional help for commands

    • All of these commands are pretty much fully implemented.
    • Rental status of 1 week or less is in yellow
    • Rental status of <1 day is in red
    • All the data is stored in a strongly typed database which I will be building a web front end to display the status of all rentals on kind of a "map" of the marketplace. I might even integrate it with the ShadeCrest player profiles page.
    • For those individuals beta testing this (PieSquared761 , ezeiger92 , NMBr2d2, and myself), we can pay rent, but it doesn't subtract rupies at this time, so feel free to pay rent on whatever you wish to test it. Since the database is transactional in nature, I can easily roll things back to what your rental status should be.

    Rent rules are the following:
    • You always pay in 1 month increments
    • Your rent expires 1 month after the initial purchase date
    • Rent payments always extend your current paid through date by 1 month (or more if you're paying more than 1 month at a time)
    • You can manually pay rent up to 6 months in advance, so it will not even attempt to charge you if you have paid up through 6 months (same logic as /rent list)
    • It obviously won't charge you if you don't have the rupies to make the payment
    • It will attempt to process payments for 1 month of each rental before processing a 2nd, 3rd, etc month when requesting payments for several months for several rentals
    • It will always tell you what it ended up renting out for you and for how many rupies
    Right now there are extra debug messages until more testing is done when processing payments

    The next things we have yet to code are
    • the ability to claim a plot / chest for rental
    • actually processing auto payments (it would charge for 1 month of rental when your time expires)
    • what happens if it can't pay an auto payment when your rented time expires
    • what happens if you have auto payement disabled when your rented time expires
    • auto eviction and storing items in a virtual storage space
    • claiming evicted items
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    I am so confused
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