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  1. I know people saw my question, is anyone going to answer? We only advertise on two forums. I am safe to assume that there are more minecraft forums for us to advertise on. I believe that we should be looking to expand our reach to help the server grow in population.
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    Revoltingmadman Add more sites so that you can not bump those too? Brilliant.
  3. I, who never posts in a forum, am finally posting on a forum. I know it's bold and we all must start somewhere. How about you reposition your cranium to the exterior of your rump and provide knowledgable assistance? Insulting me only belittles yourself. I have not posted on those sites because up until finding this thread I had no idea they existed. I know, shocking. Tho I am a jack of trades, web-pressence without cognition is not feasible. However you seem well versed in this area, care to give a pointer or two? I must digress, an argument is not why I came here, lets discuss other areas in which we can advertise to expand our population.
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    Pull my head out of my ass and ... knowledge assistance? What even.
    Good thing I didn't insult you then. *shrugs*
    Short digression on insults: "That idea sucks and I'm going to mock it" - not a personal insult. "You look like a dying pig" - personal insult.
    Bumping the existing threads would be a good start. If people did that regularly, we'd be in good shape.

    We have a limited amount of people that bump threads. They don't get anything for it, they just do it to help the server. Making more threads that need bumping leads to more burden on the bumpers, and will lower bumps per site. At a certain point, there are enough bumps that it doesn't even matter, but we are getting two or three posts a month on these threads. Adding more threads will do nothing about exposure, because without the bumps to back it up, the server listing will fade into the background.

    This is similar to why we don't have a skyblock server; we don't have the players to support it, and it will just cut our already small player base. At some point, there are enough players that each server can sustain itself without having activity fall so low that everyone leaves, but we are nowhere close to that (my guess would be 15 online on each server daily would be stable).

    The best option right now is very simple: Bump the damn threads.
  5. You assumed and shot down without understanding. I am not an idiot and I do not need to be treated like one. I am humble enough to admit when I am ignorant on a few things and I always ask questions. Please answer them with dignity, or if the point of the question is not understood ask me what I meant by it.
    I ask a sincere question that is mocked, it is interpreted as a personal insult. No idea was proposed to really be mocked. Just a request for more information.
    This is all you needed to post to my original question. Thank you.
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    Such humble.

    Two ways to interpret your question: 1) Any other forums for us (the community) to advertise (our server) on; 2) Any other forums for us (players) to advertise (bump posts) on.
    This entire thread is about getting players to bump existing sites, so I went with the latter. How am I supposed to respond to that? A no would mean "no", a yes would mean "yes, we have other sites players can advertise on, but we've decided to not link them anywhere for no reason" which is incredibly stupid. I didn't think a response was necessary.
    You then suggest we list the server on new sites to expand our reach, but don't bother to post on the sites we already have, and you get salty when I call you out.

    The problem is simple, you did not ask the question you wanted to ask: "Why don't we advertise our server on more sites?"
    I would have likely called you out on not using our current sites, but would have also explained exactly why it wouldn't help (as I did above).
  7. Next question. Are there any other means of advertising other than pointless bumping of threads? I mean forum post are a small corner of potential members. There is a shadecrest youtube channel but that hasn't been used in years. Other forms of social media as well. There are youtube channels that feature servers. This server was featured a few times but those are dated. or are these dead causes in your opinion?
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    Erik, he's just being a pretentious idiot trying to one-up you by using "big scary words".
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  9. Not in the least bit. I was trying not to let my frustration show by being vulgar but instead I focused on other ways of saying what I needed to say. Didn't work out so much due to how ticked off I was. The source of my frustration is that I heard that he referred to me as "being stupid" and went on to ignore my original comment. So pretentious? hardly. Big scary words? maybe, if that's your thing.
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    Believe it or not, I'm actually pretty good at detecting troll posts; his wasn't. No need to make a flame war out of this, it's already done.

    Bumping those threads is not pointless, it gets us players. There are a couple of guys that joined because they saw it on PMC right after I bumped it.

    We've had players try to do videos for SC before with very little success (audiences were usually SC members anyway). I've never looked for servers with videos, so I don't have a mark for how effective it is. If someone's willing to put in the effort for a video they can do it, but I'm not going to bother.
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    Hye guys lets talk about advertising on the server here
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    Don’t be surprised by the behavior of Eric or take his insults personally. It didn’t take me long to diagnose that he, along with Cyber, suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD for short. The Mayo Clinic has a nice summary of the condition.

    Although psychotherapy can help, unfortunately, there are no medications to specifically treat the condition.
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    I didn't know NASA Janitors were Doctors

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    From that link:
    1. No, I don't think I'm some special thing. Anyone can do the same work for a server if they learn how
    2. I don't care what people think of me, I just do the best I can
    3. I don't like talking about things I've done unless it's relevant to the conversation
    4. I'm preoccupied with trying to not fail college classes, there is no delusion of perfection
    5. I actively share my knowledge with anyone that will listen, because I like helping people
    6. Again, I don't care what people think of me. However, I don't take kindly to lies
    7. I expect that people think before posting, and I try to do the same
    8. I always ask for input on plans for the server and very often change those plans. I've never expected a single person to just go along with what I say
    9. I don't take advantage of people. It used to happen to me back in high school and it felt super shitty, I wouldn't do that to anyone
    10. You have a point here, though it's because I like to argue over facts. I'm usually aware of people's emotions, I just don't see them as important
    11. I still don't care what people think of me. I don't envy people, I admire talents
    12. Well, I act like the server lead because that's what I am. There's nothing arrogant about that, I'm just kind of an asshole :3
    Now that we have that out of the way, can this thread go back to SC advertisements? :3
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    There are a few different ways to advertise a Minecraft server. Think about the first time you found a Minecraft server / ShadeCrest. Top Site lists, Minecraft Forums, Planet Minecraft are some of the top ways to reach the most possible people. The Minecraft Forums are the #1 way most people find Minecraft servers and when people bump that thread it results in the most new player traffic (as it has been stated in this thread and other threads, posted on the front page news, etc, etc, multiple times). We know this because when someone bumps that thread, for several hours after even a single bump during prime time hours, we will see a flood of new players joining the server. I cannot say it enough. If you want more players playing during your timeslot, then when you first get online, bump the Minecraft forums thread. Let me say it again, bump that thread. There's a reason why at one time Max FORCED all staff to bump that thread in shifts and fired staff which didn't consistently do it.

    Second to that is the top sites which are based on the voting which we also promote heavily. Oddly enough, if people just bumped the MC Forums thread as often as they voted and completely ignored voting all together, we'd end up with more players I think. Problem is that posting on the MC Forums, you can't just post "bump" or you get warnings, it requires you posting something smart / meaningful to bump it. That takes effort, voting is takes no thought and therefore significantly less effort. Even voting on 8 sites has less effort than bumping one single thread.

    We have also tried Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, but the problems with those sites is that it requires almost daily or more than daily posting and a long time of that before it really starts to get traction. Real effective advertising via Facebook also requires money for add impressions. We don't have an advertising budget.

    If anyone has any suggestions on free methods of advertising that we are un-aware of, then please let us know.

    Back to Erik's original comment, if we can barely get people to vote and people never bump the minecraft forum thread, then I dumb advertising on other forums will be very effective.

    Oh and lastly, Max, you have been warned. Please post something meaningful rather than posting once every 2 years to attack people. You've been banned from this server, I can easily and with good justification ban you from the forums.
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    Oh, dear Cyber.

    I really urge you to seek treatment. Undoubtedly due to your condition, you have an exaggerated sense of self-importance in this “forum”. Your hostile, silence the messenger, behavior is uncalled for, and frankly, disappointing considering I was only attempting console and comfort a belittled individual (Revoltingmadman) and provide an opportunity for Erik (and you) to consider what might be causing these Machiavellian outbursts. I should have expected this response.

    “…those with narcissistic personality disorder are usually very sensitive to criticism, which is often viewed as a personal attack” –

    At least no one can say that I didn’t try. I hope you find help.

    Best regards,

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    Are you ok?

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    I would like to point out that revoltingmadman had moved on to a new (on topic) question, and I answered it as accurately as I could.
    Cyber's post was, in short "Bumping is good... Bumping is good... Social media is hard... Tell us suggestions... Bumping is good... Max don't be a dick"

    If you see this as hostile and attempting to silence the messenger... You may have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. That was just simple criticism, and as you said: “…those with narcissistic personality disorder are usually very sensitive to criticism, which is often viewed as a personal attack”

    I'm sorry Max, but I think you might suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD for short. Although psychotherapy can help, unfortunately, there are no medications to specifically treat the condition. The Mayo Clinic has a nice summary of the condition.

    I hope you find help.

    Best regards,

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