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    Guess who's 16 now :p
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    guess who has to be 17 :p
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    Why u gotta rain on my parade? :)
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    Because it's raining right now?
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    Stop taking this thread off topic. It's an app thread, not a party thread.
  7. Is creative currently in need of more Admin?
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    Well, they haven't' closed the thread yet, and last I heard they weren't telling people to stop replying, so yes?

    I think they wanted more when they had the massive influx of new people and the current group didn't have sufficient numbers/time zone difference to help everyone. I'm guessing it isn't as high a priority due to the amount of people that tend to be lost with each new major update (although bukkit's updated again, so I may be wrong?).

    This is just my opinion anyway, I could be massively wrong and they've just forgotten to lock this thread.
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    Does Max remember this thread exists? I'm presuming that he's the only one that can promo to Admin. The apps have been in for a while, so either he's forgotten, or he doesn't like the applications so far.
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    Yes. These apps usually are passed through admins because they are online more than max and know these applicants better. If they seem like they could be admin, they are discussed over and basically names are passed on to max for promotion. He often has a very busy schedule and often has to leave his trust with staff's word. Please leave this thread to applications only from now on or else they will get deleted. I know this thread has been open for a long time, but we are still trying to find more staff to handle a broader range of time zones and periods of the day.
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    Age:23 24 in october
    Current Rank:Architect
    Why do you want to be an Admin:Well mostly as my main playtime is mornings/daytime and ive noticed a lack of presence at those times witch i would be able to fill. And i like to help ppl and getting involved more whit the server in general both ingame and on the forums. I want to belive that i got something to give atleast and thats mostly my time at this moment.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: Im a generally helpfull guy that knows common sense and ive been in top possitions in other games and such before whit succsess and honestly the main difference from what im doing now and what i will be doing if i were to be picked would be plotstuff i think atleast.
    How will you contribute: Being as active as iam the reason for my application is to fill the gaps while other mods arent on so the modreqs dosent pile up and so on while i think"?" the biggest new thing i would do from what i do now is plotchecking im not entierly sure what kind of modreqs comes in and what kind of responsibilitys a admin have. But i do have a general idea of it.
    When are you usually online: Currently i have 1 class a day for 1 hour rest is home studies so i have alot of free time as my mates are working gf is working kid is at daycare. And as im all alone in this cruel world i do what i like witch is games so from roughly 07:00 to 16:00 and occationaly i play evenings all depends on irl.
    What timezone are you in: CET i think it is but i have been wrong before -_-
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    IGN: aussie202942

    Age: 14( 15 in October) (Only reason I am applying is my chances)

    Current Rank: Builder II (Possible Donation rank within the next month)

    Why do you want to be an Admin: Main reason I want to become Admin is because During the time that I am currently on the server. There isn't much staff on. There should be people monitoring the server. I do understand the reason why there isn't much staff on, and that is because they are busy with real life things. and I will admit my self, I do have real life things that will make me busy, but I am mainly free for the day!

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: Helping people on Minecraft servers has been a Past-time for me. I love supporting, and helping the community when no other staff member is around at the time. With the free time I have currently, I can contribute a whole lot to what is needed during the times other Staff members are currently not around. I know my age may throw you off. But here is one thing you should hear me out on.

    When I left the server around 5 months ago, I was pretty immature (Reason why I left) And I still did not understand the Internet well enough to help it out. Over that 5 month span that I was not here. I matured (As can be noted by the way I act now on the server.) And during a Contest that was held on Friday April 5th, There was a member firing arrows at me while I was building. And I paid no attention to him, and let the staff do their work that was needed.

    My experience is that I have ran two servers before, They are now closed due to the hosting company closing. Staff has been achieved on multiple servers, and these were servers around Shade Crest's size, so I am knowing what is coming up if I do achieve staff from this Application.

    How will you contribute: I understand what is required to be apart of the staff team, and I also understand Minecraft, when people are in need of help. I will be the person for them to come to for the help! I will be sure that the Rules Of The Server are enforced, with no exceptions.

    When are you usually online:
    Weekends: I can possibly be on all day, if I really wanted too. I have the full weekend of free time.
    Weekdays: after 2:40PM I am free all day, unless I am going to a friends house. (Tues and Thursday, 3:30PM due to Chores)
    There will be some days where I may not be able to be active, because I have passes to a local amusement park where I can go for free. and I love going to it ;)

    What timezone are you in: Eastern Standard Time
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    Correction Age:19

    Current Rank:Builer I

    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to help the ShadeCrest Creative Server. I want to be helpful while I play.
    To help manage the server that I love. To make the server a better place so others will join and Stay.

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I have server hosting experience (own one, have co-owner status on another), I can build about any theme, NO bans that I know of, Know a lot of other players personally, Built Two server plugins that I use on my own server, Know WorldEdit's advanced side as well as many other plugins by heart.

    How will you contribute:
    Help others: Not by showing what they did wrong but how they could fix it
    Welcoming Others: I will try to welcome everyone and explain the server rules, where to build and how to do a /modreq
    Server Troubleshooting: I will try to fix anything I can do IG or even in remote console.
    More: Skype Calls, Facetime, Teamspeak, Server Promotion Ads, Video Recording.

    When are you usually online: Between 3:15 and 10:00 on weekdays, ALL of the Weekend (But I normally SLEEEP in on Sunday)

    What timezone are you in: US EST
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    Lol, you can't just change your original post and lie about your age. Also you have to be builder II to be able to apply anyways.
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    Look at my profile.......
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    You're still rank I :) Look at the guidelines. And people don't just randomly apply with age 14 and decide to randomly correct it after people tell them that you have to be 17.
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    I know about the rank and that's fine; and I agree with saying that he can't apply

    But people also can't change their birthdays on their profiles either. I don't know about you Administrators, but the rest of us mortals are stuck with it. This does sound like a genuine error on his part.
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    If he/she wants admin, then they need to show maturity with their actions, not their words. I don't say this to misguide anyone but if you really think you should be admin then just act more mature and admins will pick up on that.
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    meeting the requirements don't always mean you will get the position. enough said